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    NS Newport, RI - Schools

    There are no Department of Defense Schools at Naval Station Newport. There are 6 school districts located in Newport County; 3 of these districts are located on Aquidneck Island with the station. In order to enroll a student, parents must bring proof of immunizations, proof of a physical examination and a report card from a previous school.

    For questions regarding school districts or enrollment questions, call the NS Newport School Liaison Officer at 401-841-7126, DSN 312-841-7126.

    School Name School District Phone Number
    Aquidneck Elementary (PK-3) Middletown Public Schools (401) 847-4921
    Forest Avenue Elementary (K-3) Middletown Public Schools (401) 849-9434
    J. H. Gaudet Learning Academy (Grade 4) Middletown Public Schools (401) 846-6395
    Hathaway School Portsmouth School Department (401) 683-0500
    Melville School Portsmouth School Department (401) 683-1650
    Pell Elementary Newport Public Schools (401) 842-1900
    Ranger Elementary Tiverton School District (401) 624-8467
    Fort Barton Elementary Tiverton School District (401) 624-6114
    Pocasset Elementary Tiverton School District (401) 624-6654
    Rogers High Newport Public Schools (401) 847-6235
    Middletown High (9-12) Middletown Public Schools (401) 846-7250
    Portsmouth High Portsmouth School Department (401) 683-2124
    Tiverton High Tiverton School District (401) 624-8494
    Thompson Middle Newport Public Schools (401) 847-1493
    J. H. Gaudet Middle (5-8) Middletown Public Schools (401) 846-6395
    Portsmouth Middle Portsmouth School Department (401) 849-3700
    Tiverton Middle Tiverton School District (401) 624-6668